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I am Alex and I run rejuvenate 







I am  Alex and I run rejuvenate,  a mobile therapy service.

 I offer therapies in holistic and sports, within the Colchester Essex & surrounding areas.
 These Treatments are designed to help with wellbeing and health.

The ethos of my business is to offer treatments  and support that help restore your equilibrium and balance. Educate through knowledge & self care, so you can be empowered to manage your bodies  requirements for yourself. Giving you understanding and control.

Ultimately your treatment should give you a sense of rejuvenation. I hope you will feel better, destressed etc as a result of having treatment with me.

I mainly focus on the muscular system but I also offer treatments  designed to aid stress. I am a big believer in wellness which is why it is at the heart of my business.

I love stretching and breathing techniques due to there simplicity and you will find a lot of simple caring advice at the heart of my business. I do work predominantly with mums as being one, I understand the stresses and overwhelming enormity as well as the pitfalls of the joys of kids and how you forget to look after the most import assets in there lives... YOU!

So if your looking for therapy in the comfort of your home ...

Contact me today as see how I can help?

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